Valentine Edition: Time for Self-appreciation

It's been a tricky two years, but one thing we learnt is that it all starts with self-love and self-appreciation. Accepting yourself is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself. You can work on this for life, it’s a personal process. Accepting yourself goes deeper, it also includes accepting your insecurities, pain and mistakes.
Let go of your doubts 

You are NOT the only one that has insecurities and doubts. It's norma! You have to learn to let it go and to take it as it is. If you worry about it too much, they will stop you from living your best life. Find a way to deal with it, so you can focus on the good things that you are proud of. 

Embrace other opinions 

Don’t worry about other people’s opinion and don’t be afraid to be judged. Attach more value to what you think. Someone else’s opinion is not the truth, it may give you insight but you don’t necessarily have to follow it. 

Be THANKFUL for your body 

Your body works everyday for you. It’s important that you take good care of your body. Stand proud and be grateful for it. You have this body for the rest of your life, so love it just the way it is. Speak about it in a positive way. 
Accept the past and focus on the future 

You have to realise that the past doesn’t determine your future. You always have the chance to change your future. Try to accept and forgive, so you quickly move on to fun and exciting things!
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