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Carefully Crafted In Rhodium Plated, 925 sterling silver with lab created stones. Sustainably made forever jewelry.

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Redefining Jewellery

How We Do Better

Mining is a destructive, costly process with devastating effects on our environment and eco-systems.

The stones used to make our jewellery are lab created. The heart of our mission at Juwelina Paris has been to create innovative and sustainable solutions to prevent the environmental damages caused as a result of mining.

We are often asked how our pieces sparkle so bright. The answer lies in our innovative stone cutting techniques, where we make sure each lab-created stone achieves maximum brilliance.



Each piece is made with uncompromising craftsmanship. Beautifully designed jewellery that adds our signature feminine and refined aesthetic.

Head Designer, Yasmin takes design inspiration from everyday life, making sure each Juwelina Paris creation adds authentic sparkle for any routine.


That Matter

Call us old fashioned but we believe that every woman deserves jewellery that lives up her expectations. Juwelina Paris offers the quality, craftsmanship and design from the old luxury world, but also the transparency, accessibility and innovation from the new.

We are committed to creating jewellery that is both aspirational and attainable.

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