Get the Look Selling Sunset Season 7

There was an abundance of surprises all throughout Selling Sunset season 7, from the heated arguments between Chrishell and Nicole to the dramatic trip to Cabo. One thing remained the same however, and that’s the iconic fashion. As the seasons go on the cast’s jewellery game grows bolder and more glamorous. Here’s how to get the look:

Chrishell Stause:

The Diva Earrings are a stunning must haves that will embolden any outfit you pair them with.

Amanza Smith:

The Marchesa Necklace makes for an elegant yet sparkly accessory! Theres no such thing as enough sparkle

Emma Hernan:

Emma’s Barbie look is iconic so the the Radiant Heart necklace is a necessity if you’re emulating her.

Chelsea Lazkani

When you think Chelsea you think EXTRA, The Prima donna necklace screams Extra yet sophisticated.

Nicole Young

Jason and Brett Oppenheimers oldest friend always slays, The Dahlia Necklace definitely gets her stamp of approval.
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