5 Designer Brands To Celebrate The Year Of The Tiger In Roaring Style

We've curated 5 brands you should check out this Lunar New Year!
1. Evarae

Evarae is a sustainable swim and ready to wear brand that does things in her own way. EVARAE was born with escapism in mind, and sustainability at heart. 

This brand sells bags and wants to hold its loyalty. Their mission is to develop timeless products that have longevity. They choose high-quality materials and techniques that have less impact on the environment. 

Essentiel Antwerp is known for its refreshing, surprising and luxurious fashion, with special graphic and floral prints and trendy color mixes. With these unique collections they hope to provoke emotional emotions. 

Charlie Mary make comfortable, timeless, high-quality garments that can be worn longer, passed on, and reused. They use residual stock from other fashion houses and process them into new garments. 

5. Amlul

Amlul offers clothes, shoes and accessories. Their main priority is choosing carefully the materials in order to contribute to a sustainable process. They work with organic or recycledfabrics so as not to damage the environment. The pieces remain usable for a lifetime if you treat it with care.
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