Easy Ways To Lead A Sustainable Lifestyle This Earth Month 

Earth Month 2021 is all about "Restoring Our Earth" which focuses on restoring our planet's ecosystems. Juwelina Paris's entire premise revolves around jewelry that does not cost the earth which is why we are bringing you 4 extremely simple ways in which you can contribute to this cause. Let's band together and adapt our lifestyles one step at a time this Earth Month!
Invest in High Quality Pieces
Buying timeless, chique and high quality pieces is a very simple method to begin your eco conscious journey. For instance, Juwelina Paris offers quality, craftsmanship and design to bring you timeless yet high quality forever jewelry. Investing in a piece that withstands time and trends is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Simply Recycle
This one may seem like a no brainer but you could probably do more without even realising it! Maybe you've been a bit lax about separating your waste, well its not too late to start. Besides curbing pollution induced by landfills it also helps reuse material rather than using up natural resources. As a bonus, it's extremely easy. The only thing is to make sure what you recycle has been cleaned out first. Here are some simple guidelines by The European Commission.

Eat Less Meat
It may seem daunting at first but it's honestly an extremely simple shift to make! In fact, fun fact our entire Juwelina Paris team is either completely vegetarian or vegan. We obviously do not expect you to change your lifestyle overnight however, making small changes like cutting down your meat intake even 2-3 times a week can have a massive impact on the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions to help curb climate change.

Opt to Buy From Sustainable Brands
The easiest way you could make a change is by being mindful about where your shop. Do your research and put your money towards brands that are making sustainable and ethical choices.

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